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percentile rank among test takers
64th percentile 19.4

This is an online IQ test that contains several innovative features. Here are ten reasons to take this test.
  1. As you answer more questions, the estimate of your rank in the population becomes more accurate.
  2. You see a graph of your estimated rank, not just a single number.
  3. We give you your most likely rank together with the expected error in this number.
  4. You are allowed to skip questions and come back to them.
  5. You can see the difficulty of each question before you answer it.
  6. The difficulty of each question is shown as a graph of the percentage of people who answered the question correctly by their rank in the population of test takers.
  7. You can also see the percentage of people who answered the question, also graphed by rank.
  8. You are automatically asked questions that will help make your estimated rank more accurate.
  9. As more people take the test, all of the graphs become more accurate.
  10. There are a number of anti-cheating devices being used.

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